Why You Should Invest In Condominiums?

Condos are becoming more popular among the younger generation. It has become a trendy fad in recent years, particularly during the last few years. This is not unexpected given that the cost of a condominium in South East Asia has risen to an all-time high during the last decade and keeps rising. Since condos are a long-term asset, they cannot be sold at a deficit as readily as stocks. Because a condominium is not a liquid investment.


When a condominium in a desirable place is paired with the correct pricing, the costs can be boosted indefinitely. However, a lot relies on the state of the condominiums and the economy at the moment. Investment in condominiums with differential profitability in mind, on the other hand, could be a bad idea. It is due to the reason that if you can’t resell the condominium before transferring and if you don’t have the financial means to do so. Then you run the risk of losing all of your investment in this property.

Condominium preemptive speculation is in the phase of profiting from the financial asset. A condominium that will be lucrative in the short term, such as this one, should have a great spot, and condominiums in good locations are currently quite expensive. Most customers who can observe the amount next to the agreement are aware that they will have no ability to reallocate. However, consider booking it for the time being and then selling it before transferring. In reality, it’s not that simple, and it could lead to a costly financial blunder.

As a result, a smart condominium investment must be focused on yields or rental gain. Also, don’t overlook assessing our economic state to see whether we can acquire financing or what the rate of interest will be. What is the cost of renting? To assess the opportunity to invest and the return on capital.

Whenever the condominium is finished, you may convert using financial tools such as credit facilities. If you have credit scores, you can borrow funds up to 100%. As an outcome, you can recover a portion of the deposit funds back to be used for home interior or as a transferring fee.

Unfortunately, after 2019, certain lenders will implement an additional credit management policy, wherein they will not be able to retrieve 100% of the debt, based on the number of homes or condominiums that people have previously leased.

Now you get to give the bank in installments. Getting somebody to rent a place and receiving rent and using that cash to make bank payments is the long-term investment approach. This sort of financing is known as leveraging since we invest using a loan rather than our own money.

As a result, a real estate market evaluation is crucial. Anyone can surely access a renter and obtain a better rental rate if you evaluate appropriately. All of them are viable investment options.

In terms of long-term financial return, the rising condominium pricing will provide us with a profitability ratio. It will all rely on the condo buildings’ upkeep and the state of the economy. There are always those who will assist us in paying for the condominium and lowering the original investment.

However, if you establish the monetary goals as a solid investment (Shift bedrooms and rented off) and conduct a thorough investigation of the area, rental prices, and lending possibility. Short-term sales (not moving bedrooms and reselling prior transference) are also conceivable if the long-term investing evaluation analysis suggests that “it is feasible.” However, if we continue to believe that long-term investments are unattainable, short-term sales do not need to be mentioned.

Should You Buy a Condominium for Invested capital?

Like any property investment, it hinges on a few crucial factors. The geography and profitability of the estate are the most crucial factors. Whatever the case may be, the condo’s area must be attractive and entice a suitable renter pool. Furthermore, the estate’s return on investment must correspond to your financial goals. Condominiums and single-family homes constitute up a chunk of the property assets. So, absolutely, a condominium can be an excellent investment.