Condos are becoming more popular among the younger generation. It has become a trendy fad in recent years, particularly during the last few¬†years. This is not unexpected given that the cost of a condominium in South East Asia has risen to an all-time high during the last decade and keepsRead More →

real estate

With the ever-changing nature of our real estate markets, real estate agents are beginning to hear the sound of new commission streams. “Cap Rate” and “Cash-on-Cash Returns” are two terminology that some realtors have avoided or avoided altogether. Only the “clever” and “numbers-oriented” utilise these terms to decide whether orRead More →

Commercial Real Estate

Although severe supply-demand mismatches plagued many commercial real estate markets throughout the 2000s, real estate developers are encouraged by the mobility of capital in today’s sophisticated financial systems. The loss of tax-shelter markets withdrew a considerable amount of money from real estate, wreaking havoc on portions of the industry inRead More →